Top Senior Cell Phone Plans

The top cell phone plans [i]for seniors are:

  • T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ Plan.
  • Verizon 55+ Unlimited Plan.
  • Consumer Cellular.
  • AT&T Senior Nation.
  • Sprint Unlimited 55+.
  • Boost Mobile Unlimited.
  • Ting Mobile Flex.
  • Mint Mobile 15 GB Prepaid Plan.
  • Republic Wireless.
  • Cricket Wireless.

How We Chose the Best Senior Cell Phone Plans

Some things should be kept in mind while choosing a senior cell phone plan. These are:

  • Fair pricing: Price is usually the very immediate factor that comes to mind while considering a cell phone plan to avoid any discrepancies associated with hidden prices, extensive contracts, setup fee, and so on.
  • Reliable coverage: A cell phone should function anywhere, without any hinderance so service provider to be chosen should have widest nationwide coverage.
  • Unlimited calls, messages, and Internet: Unlimited plans are the most convenient option when choosing a cell phone plan. Despite of recharging over and over again that costs a lot of money, some providers offer plans that are affordable per month.
  • Senior-specific features: senior call phone plans that offer best features for adults like urgent response and hearing-aid-devices compatibility, features for dementia patients, etc.
  • Device options: not every senior citizen is interested in one single type of phone. Every person has different interests. Depending on that, one must look for providers that has a wide range of devices. Some providers let the customer to bring their mobile phones and even their old contact number to set on their plan.

Cell phone providers [ii]

  • T-Mobile

T-Mobile is exceptionally transparent plans starting from $27.50 monthly which allows unlimited calls, messages, and internet. T-Mobile is compatible with most of the mobile phones either they are flip mobiles, androids or iPhone. T-Mobile SIM cards are free of any cost and can be inserted in any existing mobile phone. T-Mobile offers unlimited cell phone plans and 5G internet at reasonable prices

  • Mint Mobile

Mint mobile is the best most affordable plans starting from just $15 monthly for limitless call, SMS and internet. There are no activation charges and lengthy contracts. A sim card is provided along with purchase of a mint plan. Mint mobile is one of the largest 5G network with plans compatible with previous phone of the consumer as mint mobile utilizes T-Mobile network. But at peak hours, service is slowed down due to preference given to T-Mobile members.

  • RAZ Memory Cell Phone

Its cell phone MiniVision2 comes with large buttons and braille features making it suitable for people who have memory loss problems and are visually impaired. Each contact in the phone is saved with its contact photo making it easier to use for dementia patients. 911 button is also there in case of any emergencies.

RAZ mobiles has one-time investment of $310, and these phones are compatible with networks like T-Mobile, AT&T, or Mint. Three months free plan with mint mobile is offered with RAZ phone.

  • Lively

Lively mobile phones are affordable, simple and have additional feature of medical alert.  There are two different cell phone models: a flip phone and other one smart phone specifically designed for seniors. There is not any lengthy contract of lively providers. Basic plan of lively starts at $14.99 and unlimited plan starts with minimum of $19.99. likely also offer customized plans according to the requirement of the consumer.

  • Cricket Wireless

Their plans start with minimum of $25 monthly for unlimited calls, SMS and internet with no extensive contracts and provide on the counter service. All cell phone plans come up with unlimited calls, SMS, and internet services. In $30 plan monthly, along with unlimited services Cricket Call Defense feature that blocks forged calls.

  • Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless plans are for people of all ages 4G LTE and wireless internet connectivity to offer a trustworthy and speedy service, with no long-term agreements. Republic Wireless offers their plans compatible for a huge variety of android phones but do not offer iPhone connectivity. $15 plan do not offer internet service, additional cost is required for internet. But for extensive usage republic wireless is not good enough.

  • FreedomPop

It is free, reliable as well as affordable and all includes only one time investment fee of $10 for a SIM card. Free plan includes 10 SMS, free WIFI calls & 25MB internet. For $15, the plan comes with 250 minutes, unlimited SMS & 1024 MB internet. Their unlimited plan costs only $55 per month. It makes use of same technology that is used in skype for video calling i.e., VoIP (voice over internet protocol).

  • AT&T

It cost starts $29.99 for 200 anytime minutes; 500 night and weekend minutes. While unlimited plan cost $40 monthly.  AT&T Senior Nation plan best for seniors includes 200 anytime minutes, and 500 night & weekend minutes with no additional fees. But, there are not any internet MBs offered with this plan making it suitable for simple mobiles only.

  • Verizon

Verizon offers a lot of accessories like smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, mobiles, etc., in one place. Verizon’s senior plan offers unlimited calls, SMS and internet for $40 per month for one line, on the purchase of two service lines. While single line costs $60. So, this plan is best for couples or families. Verizon is little expensive than others. They offer some best plans for heavy data users.

A comparison of Senior Cell Phone Plans and their prices

Cell phone plans for seniors and their prices are listed in the table below:

Provider Starting Price for single  Line Features
T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ $27.50 per month
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • 5G coverage
Lively $14.99 per month
  • $20 for unlimited talk and text
  • Medical alert features
Raz Mobility $15 per month
  • Phones for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia
Mint Mobile $15 per month
  • Most affordable unlimited plans
  • No overage charges
Cricket Wireless $25 per month
  • Discounts for multiple lines
  • Mobile hotspot usage