Women hairstyles [i]

Some pf the most trending hairstyles of 2021 are given below:

  1. Tousled Lob Haircut.

Lob haircut is perfect choice for a glamorous edge.   This cut is most suitable for women with straight or wavy hair but it does not work for curly or frizzy hair.

  1. Curtain Bangs and Shag Haircut

layered shags and curtain bangs complement each other. As the name indicates, curtain bangs cover the whole face giving a soft and feminine look.

  1. Wavy Cut with Curtain Bangs

This fascinating hairstyle suits women of all ages. It makes the cheekbones more prominent and elongate your face.

  1. Textured Haircut

A textured haircut is advantageous for short bobs. This messy look do not need extensive maintenance.

  1. Center-Parted Medium Hair

This is classy hairstyle enhances facial features in middle partition which are often hidden in one sided partition. This style is best for women with elongated face. Women with round face can shift the partition to any one side.

  1. Long Brunette Shag with Subtle Highlights

A hairstyle for long hair is not only beautiful but also require less maintenance. It adds an extra volume to the hair. Hair can be parted the way suitable with facial features.

  1. Razored Brunette Comb Over Bob

A razored lob is easy to style for slightly wavy hair.

  1. Medium One-Length Haircut

Medium length haircut is now trending and also allow to make updos.  It makes thin hair look voluminous. It enhances facial bones and also looks great with deep side partition.

  1. Collarbone Razored Feathered Bob

Medium-length bobs were created for girls who want effectless hair styling. Styling with curtain bangs will be a cherry on the cake and soften the features.

  1. Two-Tier Inverted Bob

A refreshing and bold hair style for women that is short in the back and elongated front pieces tapered at the ends. It is most trending hairstyles of 2021.

Men’s hairstyles [ii]

Men’s hairstyles include:

  1. Regulation Cut

This short haircut with side partition has army as the inspiration behind it. It is a simple look in which the person prefers to have their back and both the sides shorter. However, the length at the top could be a bit longer for a fancier look.

  1. High and Tight

The high and tight is a fantastic haircut with short sides and a slightly longer back and top to achieve a professional look. The high and tight is perfect for formal occasions, adapted to suit all hair types and textures.

  1. Clean Shave

Men with clean shave are often bear an appearance of being bold, powerful and confident. This clean shave is a no-maintenance look for men who don’t have the luxury nor the time to spend on their looks on regular basis.

  1. Short Curls

This hair style is best to create a masculine cool look. It is suitable for men who have no styling time and want to look great. It can be adapted for any hair type and length.

5. Buzz Cut with Line-Up

It has a unique look with parallel lines to give a modern stylish look. As it is a simple enough style, it also adds a lineup to enhance its benefits. It works with most of the facial shapes and highlight the facial features.

Long hairstyles

Long hairstyles are still in trend in 2021 but styling has been changed. This year is all about layers, shags and textures.

  1. Layers

The position and length of the layers will be adjusted to complement facial shape and features. For example, long and airy layers suits square and round face shapes, while oval faces look best with soft and subtle layers. A long hairstyle with layers is a great way to give the hair more movement, texture, and bounce

  1. Long Hair and Bangs

When long hair is paired with bangs, it looks fabulous. Curtain bangs surrounding the face looks beautiful with thick and wavy hair.

  1. Long Bob

Long bob is known as the ‘lob’. It is easy to maintain, and suits every face shape due to the cut ends extending several inches below the chin. the most -trending way to style a lob is an off-center part and extra volume at the roots.

  1. Long Shag

The retro style of the ’70s is again in trend. Long, side bangs balance the volume of the cut and make it perfect for square and diamond faces.

5. Long Braids

Braids are common for every occasion, every hair type and length.

  1. Long Blonde Hair

Blonde hair never gets out of fashion, and ice blonde is the trending shade right now. this is a mix of cool-toned bleached look, ashy wash, plus subtle champagne and peach highlights.

7. Long Updo

A beautiful hairstyle for every day and for special occasions date night. It works best for silky hair, so a serum will be needed to apply for dry and frizzy hair.


Short hairstyles

Trending hairstyles for short hair are:

  1. Curly bangs

A style of 70s is again in trend in 2021 suitable for all types of hair.

  1. The shag

Its best cut for short hair for any texture of hair either with or without bangs.

  1. The bob

Bobs have been for many years. They can be styled in a messy way, with highlights, or lowlights.

  1. Curtain bangs

These surround the face and suits to every type of hair. Curtain bangs can be styled in many ways like messy waves, curly shags, blowouts, high ponytails, etc.


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