Nowadays it is very easy to get hold of good email service providers. You can just simply sign up through an ISP and you can get started with your email account.

Creating an account of the famous email handles is quite easy these days. You can get some services for free and additional charges could be paid to get some more upgraded features. With the purchase of a good web hosting package you can get as many accounts as you need for your business.

Some of the top rated email service providers are explained as follows

  1. GMAIL

The email service provided by the Google in the form of Gmail is the best solution which will work very efficiently with any kind of matter or business. It is on the top of the list as they are the most famous ones throughout the world and provide best emailing services. It delivers you with most of the services that you are looking for either for a business or for personal use. Its applications are suitable with all kind of devices and it is accessible everywhere.

Costs of emailing services at Gmail:

Gmail usually provides free version for sending and receiving emails through their company’s domain. This can give you a free storage of around 10GB. They can provide paid packages. They provide a storage of 100 GB at the cost of $1.99 per month which is quite cheap. They provide higher storage data facility as well which is suitable for larger companies which includes a storage capacity of 30TB which costs $300 per month.


The Outlook email services provided by Microsoft has been in the emailing business since a long while. It is also the best email service provider and has great features which are compatible for many people and businesses. They also provide apps which can be downloaded on any kind of device. They can work both on iOS and Android mobile. They provide with an email service that can work in any part of the world. The best feature of outlook is its power it provides you better hold of the options available to you. You can set up many options such as auto reply or managing the folders it is really easy to manage such tasks with outlook.

Costs of emailing services at Outlook:

They provide an option of free emailing service and they provide another option which is called Microsoft office 365 which costs around $6.99 per month.


Proton mail is a less popular option as compared to Gmail or Outlook. But this email service is best for a person who is more careful about the privacy or security of the information on their emailing service. It has a free to download option and it makes security as the center piece in the email service provision. The Proton mail messages are encrypted end to end ad they make sure that no third party is involved or can get any kind of access to your messages. They provide with many advantages such as that there is no need to mention your identity or any of such information, you can make an account being anonymous.

Costs of emailing services at Proton Mail:

They have a free package which provides 500 MBs storage facility. Their plus version costs around $5 per month with a 5GB storage facility. They also have a professional and visionary packages as well at higher prices.


This one is a very simple and easy to use emailing service. It is only supported by iOS or macOS supported devices. So it is convenient for the users having such devices. The people who are apple addict have the advantage to use this option. The Apple mail is very nicely designed and has simple features. It make it very easy to find the messages and help arranging them in folders to keep them safe. It has certain good features as it directly sends spam messages to junk so that the inbox remains clear.

Costs of emailing services at Apple Mail:

They provide a free option with the storage of 5GB. Their paid plan include 50GB, 200GB and 2TB of storages at the prices of $0.99, $2.99, $9.99 per month respectively.

  1. ZOHO

This one is a cloud first productivity company which creates apps for its consumers and also for many enterprise users. They are great competitors in email service providers market. They have a very colorful design which is convenient to use. It provides you options to integrate all of the email accounts owned by you. It has easy to use features. You can easily switch in between your email and other apps in Zoho.

Costs of emailing services at Zoho:

Most of the features can be easily achieved through the use of the free version provided by Zoho. Most people would not need to upgrade. Even some companies can work on their free version if they don’t need a vanity URL. They have standard package which costs $14 per month. They also have professional and enterprise packages which are even more expensive.[i]

Benefits of Emailing Services

There are several benefits of using email services and some of them are explained as follows:

  • The emailing service enables you to send or deliver a message or important information in a very fast way.
  • They allow you to send emails at any time anywhere throughout the day or throughout a year.
  • Through just the use of internet emails can be sent and received at any part of the world using any computer or even your cellphone.
  • This is a relatively cheap and easy method to transfer information. Emails are for free and they cost nothing as compared to a voice call.
  • An email can be sent to a single person or several persons at the same time.[ii].


The security features that must be a part of an emailing service are enlisted as follows:

  • End to end encryption
  • PGP encryption
  • Two factor authentication
  • Open source
  • Meta data handling