A cloud storage is a kind of off the site storage which is usually taken care by a third party. It saves data on a remote data base so that it does not needs to be saved on your computer.[i]

Cloud storage is a type of a cloud computing model which can store data on internet using a provider of cloud computing that provides services for managing and operating data storage. This service is provided on the demand with a required capacity and the cost. Cloud storage removes the need to have your own infrastructure for data storage. This provides the access to data all around globe with durability at anytime and anywhere.[ii]

Cloud storage gives a good solution to save the data such as photos, assignments and other learning material. As most of the study projects are occurring online these days so it is very convenient to store your research papers and presentations on cloud storage to keep them safe and accessible all the time.

The old methods of data storage such as storing data on hard drives can be dangerous as such hard drives can have malfunctions which leave you in despair at the time of your exam. The bonus of having cloud storage services is that you can save more data on cloud storage leaving more space on your hard disk.

Top rated providers who offer cloud storage services

Some of the top rated cloud storage service providers are explained as follows:

  1. Drop Box

It is one of the industry leaders in the cloud storage world. Any type of digital file can be saved over this cloud storage service. They provide very simplistic services on a website which is very easy to use and can be understood by anyone even if that person is not a tech guru.  Drop box has such features which enable to organize and manage files in a very easy and simple way. These files can be accessed at any time through a smartphone or a computer at any part of the world with the usage of internet.

Costs of cloud storage at Drop Box:

At drop box you can get a free package with a 2GB storage capacity on the basic account. This one is good option for basic use an additional 500MB storage can be achieved by referring drop box to a friend.

The premium account at drop box which is also called as Dropbox plus. The drop box plus offers a storage capacity of 1TB at only $9.99 each month. A yearly subscription of the drop box can be bought at $99.99 which can help you save a little money. Also for this account if you refer to a friend you get additional 1GB storage. It also provides additional options as well such as desktop wipe and the priority email uploading. This also offers a 30 day version of history.

  1. Google Drive

The Google drive provides one of the finest cloud storage services. Google drive is not just a basic everyday provider if cloud storage instead it provides with the very powerful and high business grade office applications. Just like other cloud storage providers the Google drive provides the facility of storing the files and make them accessible to several users. This also provides the facility to store photos but there is no stylish or attractive interface or buttons like other cloud storage providers. Accessibility of Google drive can be accessed by the fact the Google’s machine learning identifies and labels the people in their pictures. Google drive also utilizes the metadata of pictures to help making the searches faster in a convenient way.

Costs of cloud storage at Google Drive:

The Google drive offers a free storage space of 15GB but this space is also occupied by other Google apps such as Gmail. The Google one provides a storage capacity of around 100GB at $1.99 monthly. This also provides the access to get help from experts.

  1. Microsoft OneDrive

The features and the services offered by Microsoft OneDrive are quite similar to those of the Google Drive. A person who is using the applications of Microsoft Office can easily use the OneDrive apps as both are quite similar. The face of OneDrive is very similar to the windows 10 which makes it easier to be used by windows users. They also do not have any fancy buttons. The interface provided is very similar to Google Drive.

Costs of cloud storage at Microsoft OneDrive:

When you sign up for OneDrive you get a free 5GB storage. An extra 50GB can be added to this package at the cost of $1.99 each month. The best option is to sign up for the offer of 1TB which is provided at $6.99 each month. This offers comes with Office 365. Just giving the extra 3 bucks allows you to enjoy a variety of good features. These include the Office 365 along with 6 licenses and Skype one hour free talk time.

  1. Flickr

This cloud storage service is a game changer for the photographers who want to save the data on cloud storage. Other cloud storage providers cost for providing just a few GBs but Flickr offers 1TB for free. The Flickr is owned by Verizon and it covers most of its costs by giving ads on their sites to users. If some wants to adapt ad free option then they should go for Flickr pro+.

Costs of cloud storage at Flickr:

They provide a free option with 1TB storage option but this one shows ads. Flickr pro+ is an ad free option which can be availed at the cost of $6 per month.

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud

This one is an uncommon option of cloud storage but it gives good solutions to the photographers. It has the option of group libraries to which the friends and family can add photos by utilizing a shared folder. The pictures can be kept private as well. The best features of adobe creative cloud is that it allows the access to the Adobe elements and light room.

Costs of cloud storage at Adobe creative cloud:

A 1TB storage can be availed at the cost of $119.88 yearly. The free option gives the 20GB storage capacity.


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